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About GoCarbonFree

Last Updated: 14:34 GMT 01/09/2014

GoCarbonFree is dedicated to humanity's battle against climate change. Members, staff, and shareholders all want to play their part in lowering carbon emissions and building a sustainable future for our children.

The website is committed to informing and education people about the severe climate change issues. It offers a free online newsletter and tools such as a personal carbon calculator that users can monitor their carbon footprint and ensure all their activities are carbon neutral.

When you spend money at, you are directly helping reduce the amount of carbon emissions being expelled into our atmosphere. We use a potent combination of Gold Standard Carbon Credits and Second Period European Carbon Futures to tackle both short and long term emissions. You can be assured your money is being used to combat global warming and fast!

Furthermore, our company's shareholders have agreed not to take any dividends but to reinvest the profits in renewable technologies and progressive environmental programs.

After Direct Marketing Costs are accounted for, GoCarbonFree Ltd. spends:

  • 50% on carbon credits.
  • 25% on retained earnings to be invested in carbon credit producing assets such as, for example, wind farms or biomass electricity. Our vision is that one day we will be able to produce carbon credits using our very own carbon credit producing assets!
  • 25% on day-to-day business running costs.

By way of example, if a member generates £105 for GoCarbonFree, and £5 is spent on direct marketing, then £50 will be spent on carbon credits, £25 retained to buy carbon credit producing assets, and £25 will go toward running the business. If the business costs over run the 25% barrier, it will come from retained earnings, not carbon credits.

Direct Marketing costs are spent on membership recruitment (via Internet advertising) so that we can make an even bigger impact on global warming. Help minimize these costs by telling everyone you know about If you have further questions about, why not read more of our FAQ section, or contact us

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