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Climate change buzz words

Last Updated: 12:00 GMT 25/05/2007

Carbon buzz words

Carbon emission is the release of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the atmosphere. It is generally believed to be the greatest contributor to global warming, causing climate change.

Driving a car, flying a plane, switching on a light, baking a potato in the microwave or using any technology powered by electricity or fuel causes emissions.

Greenhouse gases are naturally present in the air and help to keep the earth’s temperature above freezing and maintain a balance in the planet’s climatic system.

However, in large doses, greenhouse gases turn our planet into baking hothouse by trapping the sun heat rays on the surface.

Scientist claim carbon dioxide is the gas most responsible for global warming. Studies have shown rising temperature mirror the increase of CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Global warming is directly linked to increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, with carbon dioxide one of the greatest contributing gases.

Instead of allowing the ocean and earth surface to reflect the sun’s heat rays away from earth, the greenhouse gases trap them heating the earth’s surface temperature.

Global warming causes climate change and droughts, disastrous hurricanes, wildfires, melting glaciers, etc. In short, the result is chaos. Survival depends on stability.

Climate change the earth is fine-balanced machine. Imagine a Harley Davidson engine designed to run just-so. The Antarctic needs to be iced to cool the heat coming up from down south. If this changes, the engine stops running.

You may wonder why warmer weather is bad: the polar ice-caps reflecting 90% of the sun rays, the smallest increase of 1ºC can cause polar ice-caps to melt resulting in an increase in sun, causing the caps to melt faster with sun rays escalating in a nasty cycle. The closest analogy is of an oven.

Scientists claim a rise in the earth’s temperature of more than 3ºC will see countries disappearing under rising waters from the melting ice-caps. Many places will become inhabitable in the sweltering heat, particularly the southern hemisphere. With a population of 700 million, the number of refugees fleeing to Europe would be staggering.

Offsetting means that you balance your carbon emissions with something that removes an equal amount of carbon from the air.

Personal carbon credits is the most simple and effective form of offsetting. By earning carbon credits, you limit the amount of available credits and force big polluting industries to pay more for their own credits or find ways for reducing their emissions.

With personal carbon credits, your CO2 saving is already made, simple.

Carbon credits are a product of the Kyoto agreement. The world’s leaders agreed to reverse climate change by limiting the amount of carbon dioxide each country could emit. A set budget of carbon credits, measured in tons of carbon dioxide, was allocated to each nation.

In order to produce, industries must first purchase carbon credits. For instance, a car manufacturer might generate a ton of CO2 to make one car. One carbon credit needs to be bought to make that car, unless they can find a way to make it with less emission. If there are no more carbon credits left in the budget, the car cannot be made.

Credits are purchased in bulk from the European Climate Exchange and Chicago Climate Exchange. Gocarbonfree dedicated all its dividends – in other words, shareholders see no profit – to buying credits.

You can keep these credits from going to polluting industries by earning them in the form of personal carbon credits to offset your own carbon emission.

Personal carbon credits are the most effective way of neutralising carbon footprints. One personal carbon credit represents 100grams of carbon dioxide prevented from entering the atmosphere.

By earning the credits, you prevent big polluting factories from buying them up and splurging more noxious fumes into the air. It truly is the most simple and effective method for offsetting.

Every time you purchase a product from this site you earn personal carbon credit. The shopping channel has hundreds of opportunities for offsetting.

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